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ONYX 16 and 30

The ONYX ESD gun is a state of the art test system available in 16 and 30 kV versions. The Onyx is the most ergonomic ESD gun that comes equipped with an easy to use touch screen, modular RC units, multilingual interface, remote control software, built in LED light, temperature, and humidity display. The ONYX is adaptable to a variety of test sites.

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ONYX Accessories

The ONYX ESD gun comes equipped with a standard tip and R/C Module, but we offer a variety of other tips and accessories to further customize your product to your unique testing needs.


AXOS 5 and 8

The AXOS system is the premier economic solution to your automated EMC testing needs. Integrating the best features of other stand alone testing units, the AXOS 8 system offers a user-friendly experience in compliance and pre-compliance testing. Available for Surge, EFT/Burst, Voltage Dips testing; or as our preferred model, integrating all of the testing offered by each individual model, the Compact.

AXOS Series Accessories

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Accessories available for the AXOS Series

MAG 1000


The MAG 1000 is the stand-alone solution to EMC testing requiring AC Magnetic Fields. Boasting a simple interface and internal power supply, the MAG 1000 also has versatility built in with an adjustable coil antenna, allowing for both vertical and horizontal testing.

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The Psurge 30.2 surge test system is designed to generate a wide variety of surges for testing. A built-in microprocessor serves as the user interface, allowing total control over all of the internal functions. Upgrading to the remote control option allows for a more efficient set up and operation of this test system.